The Banana Bread That Started It All

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The first question I usually get when I tell people about Clean Sweets is “How did you get into that?”. So here’s the answer: Banana Bread

Growing up my mom and I would always make my great grandmother’s incredible recipe for banana bread. It was always requested by family members and friends for dinner parties and the like. The secret was that once it cooled after baking, we would put it straight into the freezer and then defrost it before eating. Freezing and then defrosting it gave it a more dense texture and an even better taste! It was my absolute favorite dessert.

So when I embarked on an elimination diet four years ago in order to figure out what (if anything) was triggering my skin, I could no longer have any of my favorite desserts. My Nana’s banana bread was LOADED with white flour, white sugar, and butter - all ingredients I was strictly avoiding at the time. I tried a bunch of recipes that used alternate flours and sweeteners, which turned out okay, but they definitely tasted “healthy”. I wanted something that tasted truly delicious and decadent, while still being in line with my dietary restrictions. 

I then stumbled across a different recipe that looked promising, and I changed around the spices and ingredients to my liking, using coconut oil and maple syrup - and then I waited for it to bake. It came out completely flat and I was so upset at yet another failure…until I tried it! Dare I say it was even better than the recipe from my great grandmother. And it didn’t need to be frozen and defrosted to achieve a moist and flavorful texture. It was delicious straight from the oven.

We brought my paleo banana bread to the next family party and didn’t say anything about the healthier ingredients, and it was gone within minutes! This recipe proved you don’t need the standard (and super inflammatory) ingredients like flour, sugar and butter to make delicious desserts that everyone will love.

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Sasha Dara