Lemon Cake with Strawberry frosting

The cake was awesome! Thank you again for making a special and incredibly delicious cake for my husband’s birthday. We have declared it “hands down” the best cake ever and look forward to the next occasion for us to order up another. - Andrea T.


Chocolate Donuts

Both the muffins and doughnuts were amazing! And my husband loved the fingerprint cookie sample. I am sure you'll be hearing from us in a couple weeks for our next order. Thank you so much for making the best sweets in the bay! Cant wait to order more! - Jesalyn B.


Lemon Cake with vanilla frosting

Thank you so much for making such a beautiful and delicious cake! It was the centerpiece of the baby shower! All the guests were immediately drawn to it and they took a gazillion photos of it! And best of all, Natalie loved the cake so much, she ate it for breakfast the next day :) I hope to work with you again soon, Sasha! - Steph W.


Banana Muffins

I loved the banana muffins. LOVED! I haven’t had a chance to try the other cookie, but I will. Simply amazing that everything was so healthy. I will be ordering a lot from you! - Debra V.


Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting

I was the cake cutter and it was less crumbly and therefore easier to cut into pieces than the bakery cake most of us are familiar with.  I heard guests saying things like "I loved it" and coming back for seconds.  The children seemed to like the cupcakes too as evidenced by their rapid disappearance. - Gail G.


Raspberry Thumbprint cookies

Omg I LOVE them! My fiancé is picky with cookies and LOVES THEM MORE THAN I DO! Thank you so much! - Justine N.

image2 (1).jpeg

Chocolate cake with COCONut frosting

The cake was delightful!! Even non gluten free folks liked it and people were amazed it didn’t have sugar. - Sarah I.


Pumpkin cake with CHOCOLATE GANACHE

It was absolutely perfect. I truly have NEVER tasted a cake so delicious and so fulfilling. It made my birthday! I loved it so much. I honestly was in heaven with each bite and all my guests loved it too!!!!! Thank you! - Ellie L.

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